I believe it’s time to stow this blog away, to tuck it in and let it rest. This was my blog to document all that was my mission–the good, the bad, the weekly letters. That time was wonderful and difficult, and I grew in immeasurable, learned to love a people so very far way, and ate things I will never again touch. I grew to love my Savior in a very personal way, understanding better the ways He walked this Earth, and has been the best thing I’ve done with my short life thus far.

I could be adding in mission stories in the future, but for now I’m going to return to my old blog, located here. Everything’s a bit rusty, but that appears to be the manner of this whole ‘Being Home,’ thing. Traumatic and unnecessary, if you ask me.


I have about a month and two weeks to go.

Still utterly incompetent in the language.

But very much excited to love the people of Peru.

I talked to my cousin, Maurya, who served in NJ, for roughly six hours last night. About everything, but mostly about serving, and how much you love those you serve, and the wide ranges of faith and religion you come across.

Fact about Peru: Peru’s independence day is July 28, celebrating the separation from Spanish rule. Absolute independence was gained in 1824.

A General Sweep

This, as a whole post, is a general glazing over of things. Announcing and solidifying.

I, Melody Compton, have been called to serve in the Iquitos, Peru mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I’m to report to the Lima, Peru MTC on the 8th of October. (I got my call about two months back or so.)

I’m aware that Iquitos is a new mission, set to open this month, so I’m having a hard time finding others who I’m going to be serving with. If you’re out there, hi! I have no idea what I’m doing! Let us commiserate in our confusion!

For now, this blog is to make possible connections with others. Later, if I can twist any arms into cooperation, it’ll be updated with letters I send back home.

Note: This is basically how I picture my mission thus far.

bucket clothes