La Penultima Carta



the daughter of my pensionista, Oriana. 

she found out i’m horrifically ticklish and it’s been a rough time ever since
i have to choose between eating or facing the flipping tickle monster
but ps the oriana is so very loved


also my heart hurts every time i pass this sign now because nooooooooooooooooo

Dearest Mother,

This is my penúltima carta. I literally have no idea how to say that word in English.

This week was chaos. We had a family get married—Alexandra y Jose. They’re fantastic souls. Young, but super excited about the gospel. They have a small, adorable son named Albert. Well, his full name is Dir Albert. Literally. Not even a joke.

Hna. Reyes—or Sister Kings—is my companion. She’s a lithe, little Ecuadorian who doesn’t talk much, but is a good little missionary. She’s almost got seven months in the mission, and I’m the second companion that she’s ‘killed.’

I would love to fly out to see spencer and Aurora and, my, oh, my, New York. But no promises. It’s a cool idea. Spencer looks…balder. . .than the last time I saw him. But he’s definitely lost weight. Does he get letters? Can I send those to him via e-mail or by hand? Packages? How does this work? I’d like to send him something. I miss him a lot, actually. I hope he’s doing well over there.

My heart does this painful little shuttery thing every time I think about going home—have in excitement and half in horror. But hey


I literally just remembered, mid-sentence. If I was there, I’d totally take you out to the chocolate and eat fattening, delicious things. But alas, you’ll have to eat it without me and I’ll stick with my rice with a side of fries. Sigh.

Love you all lots,

Nos vemos en un ratito


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