A Whole New World; She thinks I’m hilarious

Dear Mother,compton and crosby
The Robot Arm looks horrific. I can totally see Richard deciding not
to come down to Peru, but I also cannot see you and Keith getting down
to Peru without having Richard with you. This is all sounding a bit
sketchy. I will let you know that I won’t freak out if you guys decide
that maybe you all won’t come down to pick me up. But it’s sort of up
to you guys. I heard that there’s a tour guide of Machu Pichu
specifically for all lost Mormon families picking up their children.
Mormontours or guids or something like that. But if you all back out,
also totally okay with it, just so you all know. Let me know so I can
talk to my mission offices to let them know, okay?

This week nothing of striking importance happened. We had zone
conference, which was nice, I suppose. All the sisters put on pretty
skirts and actually combed their hair, myself included. We have it
pretty rough with the frizz out here on the outskirts of the amazons.
Sunday two huge gringos popped into our sacrament meeting late looking
for a place to take the sacrament. I nearly died of a heart attack.
One was bearded. It was all super alarming.

I don’t actually like P-DAYS, if I haven’t already said that. I read
lovely letters about broken arms and kittens named Binx—I love Julie
letters—and about Marissa and Joy and K’Lani and how you’re all still
there and I feel all the hollow spaces where you belong.

Today we got to see Meet the Mormons. Have you guys seen that? You
haven’t, right? You should watch it. You should take the kids and go
watch it. It made me happy but also super homesick. But mostly happy.
(That’s my denial talking. It just made me homesick.)

My companion, Hna. Crosby, is wonderful. She’s from Northern
California. Like, Red Wood Forest California. She’s going to finish a
year in the mission this week. I think we’re going to eat, erm,
cookies in celebration? I actually don’t know. But she’s this adorable
sports girl who loves anything and everything about, well, sports.
She’s quite determined to get me a social life back home, which is
terrifying, but we adore one another. Literally. We laugh so much, and
we’ve started doing pushups a night before we go to bed. This might
sound shallow or bad or something, but being with another gringo is .
. . how should I put this . . . ? ‘A whole new world!’ It’s amazing.
She thinks I’m hilarious. I understand her puns. It’s a win-win

And yes, there are several Americans—also a Canadian and a ginger—here
in Iquitos. The companionships are generally a half and half
combination. Gringo y latino together.
I’m sending off two letters today. I hope they get there to you. There
are cards and/or letters for you, Nathan, Joy, Sam, Spencer, and
Aurora. Also three bracelets for Nathan, Joy, and Sam.

Sister Compton


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