What the heck are we doing in the Amazon jungle? 6 weeks to sexy program

I don’t understand. How did AesaLina break her arm? This is alarming. I would totally take her direction-impaired children with me all day to give them time. But tell her I love her and I’m sorry she broke her arm. Would it be weird if I asked how she’s broken it?

Also, Marissa wrote me about all her friends and life and family and I found this is made my emotional levels much more wildly uncontrollable. I literally think I’ll have a breakdown upon my return. I believe we should plan it all out, to make it the least traumatizing as possible. If you could somehow have copious amounts of ice-cream and Aubrey Hepburn movies ready for my return, that’d be fantastic.

This week there was surprise service found in the house of an investigator. We helped them dig out their dirt floor so they could take out a rotted wall. My companion, tall basket ball playing gringa that she is, ripped out a wooden support pull with one go, and below there was a deep dark cavern of ants.

Me: I think we just found a door to hell.

Crosby: They’re just ants.

Me: Do you think satan’s down there?

My theory was proven correct when a huge, freakishly colorful spider came springing out of said hole. We killed it with a pickaxe. It was all quite exciting, but we were horrifically sore all the next day.

Speaking of the next day, it rained—surprise! Like always—and I totally fell right on my bum. Both feet, full fall, dying on the ground, grit between my toes, mud-caked butt. And my dear companion was a fit of hysterical silent giggles in the wake of my great fall. I frowned and cried and laughed and got up and kept going down the hill.

You know, sometimes this mission thing is not anything like what I thought it would be. I didn’t really understand what it would be, and sometimes is still look around with my companion and we’re like, ‘What the heck are we doing in the amazon jungle? How’d we get here? How have we been here for so long?’ And we marvel.

Hna. Compton


Crosby: if we stay together for another change we are totally doing a 6 weeks to sexy program!

Me: What? That sounds dangerous. Is this optional because–

Crosby¨: We will do it and we will die and it will be fantastic!

And thus begins the 6 week race to drop the 15 pounds I’d foolishly picked up along this whole crazy ride.


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