Chocolate is always the solution



I cannot quite fathom how things are changing and morphing and not staying the same. I sort of feel like that world doesn’t belong to me anymore. Not Utah, not Hawaii, not the new houses and new places and missing people. That’s a little bit heartbreaking, to be honest. My heart hurts. I don’t like change. Can you all just stop. Stop changing. Only three months more, and then you can start changing again, okay? But just tell everyone to chill out for a bit.

It’s the rainy season right now. Lots of rain, lots of clouds. It’s actually quite nice. Little sun to burn away at skin and sanity. But also lots of mud, and that’s gross. I’m down to my last pair of shoes, and they’re mud caked right now. Hermana Hixson, a fantastic sister with whom I live, loaned me her shoes. I like them. Pues, I like her. She’s fantastic.

My companion and I had our first ‘spat’ today. It was sort of adorable, because she’s adorable and doesn’t really know how to spat. She sort of gets quiet and broody, and stopped talking to me, and I was like, ‘Oh, no. What did I do? I must make it better.’ And so I asked her about it, and she was like, ‘You didn’t share your chocolate with me.’ So I sat there for like five seconds trying to remember, and I recalled that Sister Hixson had shared dark chocolate from the states with me the day before. I got up and went to my room and took out the last pieces of chocolate that I was totally saving for her, but had forgotten to give her up to that point. I gave her the chocolate, apologized, and hugged her. Chocolate is always the solution, I promise.

Nothing else of fantastic importance has happened. We worked hard this week, nobody came to church. We’ve got a sort of flaky couple that comes to church sporadically. They had a date to get baptized this Saturday, but didn’t go to church yesterday. She’s super excited to get baptized, and the husband is super not excited to be baptized. Flaky. Sometimes he wants it, and sometimes he doesn’t. So we’re like, ‘Here’s the doctrine, remission of sins by faith, repentances, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, perseverar hasta al fin. You’ve got more than a year with the missionaries. This is really all up to you.’ But, oh, Hno. Roger es la muerta.

Did I already mention that I’m bummed that everyone’s changing? I’m just gonna’ mention that again.

I’m bummed that everyone’s changing.

Hna. Compton


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