The Gift; April Fool’s Day

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Dearest Mother,

This week, Monday through Thursday, it rained quite furiously. Then Friday to current moment, the sun has being burrrrning us. There’s a typical pattern of Iquitos in that it’s super hot in the morning and afternoon and a bit later it rains. There’s totally a scientific rationalization for this, but as I’ve totally forgotten all scientific vocabulary. . . therefore I don’t know what it’s called. (Sometimes I get crippling College Homesick. This is characterized by intense desires to have homework and deadlines and long hallways and marveling at new things. Like science.)

Last week there were cambios, but my companion and I are staying here in San Juan, Colinas. I’m quite alright with this. We live close to the airport now, so we they called us all day Monday to go pick up sister that were in the middle of their changings—hopping from one city to another. Honestly, I’ve spent my entire mission thus far here in the same city, and I sort of forgot that there are other places until a sister came with cameras to show me. And I was like, ‘What? I don’t understand.’ There are areas with Pizza Huts and Subways and where it’s not a smothering inferno. Where it’s actually a bit chilly. Or so they say. And I felt a twinkling flicker of sadness, because I’ve not left the limits of Iquitos in almost 14 months. I know missionaries that have arrived to Iquitos, left Iquitos to another part, and then returned to Iquitos. And they get back to still find me here and I’m just like, “Hey. ‘Sup?“ Superficial me wants to get to know another part. Sentimental me would be horribly traumatized to leave.

In other news, I cut boards and hammered things this week. It was cool. Got a blister. Made a staircase. Woo. I was think the other day, ‘Why aren’t there nice things here?’ and then I got a handsaw and I realized, ‘Oh, yeah. This is hard. That’s why there aren’t nice things here.’ There’s just not time to have nice things here. Nor the proper arm strength.

So have you guys seen He Is The Gift this week? It’s a short video of the Church about Christmas. I loooovvvve it! A billion times I’ve seen it, and a billion times again I’d watch it. It makes my heart hurt and all my Christ love that I have bubble up and over. But in Spanish it’s called El es La Dadiva. Dadiva and regalo are two different words. Un regalo is like, ‘Cool. A gift. I like that.’ But a dadiva is a great or sacred something that is gifted to another. It’s like the word gift, but deeper. So cool. Love languages. Have I told you all that I now aspire to be an ESL professor? That’s something I’m planning on.
Also, happy birthday to Richard. In Peru, 8 of December is the April Fools Day. It’s to remember all the children that died when King Herid sent for all the babes with 2 years or less to die in attempt to kill the Christ child. So now this day is the Peruvian April Fools. It’s called Dia de Los Innocents. So. . . happy birthday, Richard?

I hope you all love being together for Christmas, because it’s sort of terrible to not be. In case you didn’t know that already. . .

Hna. Compton