Everyone wrote me–it was glorious! Indira Aliaga; In San Juan; 5 or 6 Moms

Forgive me for the shortness that this will be,
as everyone in the world decided to write me today–not complaining, it was glorious–
this leaves little time for everyone in general.
my new companion is splended. Wanted to be a nun when she was little because she liked the mystery of it all, but then decided to be a communist doctor in Cuba, but got chicken pox and couldn’t make the flight. So she became a dentist instead and got baptized. She’s so lovely and hugs me a lot, and her name is Hna. Aliaga. You could totally stalk her on facebook. Indira Aliaga is her name. My new ward is the best. I’m in Iquitos still, in San Juan, in 9 de Octubre, ward Colinas. The little ladys de Soc. Soc. threw me a party and gave me lots of candy to ensure my weight gain, and told me to tell you not to worry about a thing because I’ve got five or six moms in this ward. Almost burst into tears when they started talking like that, but I stayed strong, Mom. Not one tear was shed. Also, I’m now twenty-one. Old, I am. Well, older.
I’ll pray that all goes well with the job interview. I’ll be praying for the Aurora as well. I’m quite sad that I won’t be able to see her like before. Thank’s for the goodies package. I don’t know what else I’ll actually need for christmas. I have garments that are seriously dead..I think the washing system here takes it’s toll. But I can’t think of anything else for now. Mostly I just wanted those goodies. Sorry. Now I’m out of ideas, but I’ll be thinking, yeah?
Love you tons,
Hna. Compton
p.s. Julie! Thank you for your letter! I recognize that you’re out there and that you’ve written me, but I’ve now run out of tim

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