one year; Melody’s Taylor Compton face

melody'sTaylorfaceMelody’s Taylor face (older brother)

Hello, Mother and other assorted family members,

I have quite little to tell you about this week. So I’ll start with the crazy.

Yesterday I saw a crazy woman. She was a well dressed lady in her mid forties standing outside her house, door open, calling for her cousin. She kept calling for her cousin to let her in, and, while she stayed in the same space, she was constantly walking in place, yelling gently for her cousin. It was something deeply sad to watch, though I’m not exactly sure why. My companion and I were teaching the people in front of her house across the street, so we always had her in our view. For almost ten minutes, this woman stayed in one place, tapping the window and door, calling her cousin, when a man came out and started grabbing at her arms, pulling her inside, yelling at her. She ran away and wrapped her arms around a post, so the man couldn’t pull her inside, so he left. It was a strange moment of half-violence and confusion. The family we’re teaching told us that she’s a loquita and that sometimes wanders out of her house. The man that came out to drag her in is also crazy, but not her cousin. That it’s a house full of crazy. Then we left. I felt sad. No one else ever came out to help her, so we walked away, leaving the crazy woman still calling for her cousin.

We in Peru haven’t actually seen general conference yet because there were elections this Sunday, and because we are law abiding, and the laws here are strange,  we didn’t have church because to gather in any type of group, political, religious or otherwise was prohibited. So we’ll be seeing it this coming Saturday and Sunday. In the mean time, I’m upset, because conference is our battery recharge every six months, and I don’t know if another five days is to be tolerated. I’m actually quite torn up about this.

Apart from that, taught a really good lesson last night. I’ve clearly gained some unwanted weight, so I’m thinking about, I don’t know, doing something about that. Not sure how. Thinking about touching more trees to see if it helps. (Yes, mom, I’m making a joke.) Apart from that, I’m going to complete a year out here this week.

I’m very saddened that the baby Aurora is to go. I hope I get to see her again.


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