Still in Clavero; Time to be sad? Yo no.

children umbrellamelodyandruizpensionista

people i love
so very, very much
that you will never, ever meet





children of Hermana Magaly


Noticia de los cambios: I’m still here in Clavero. Fifth change here. But I do so love it here. I feel this place is just as much my home as Belle Monet or the Mona house was. I’ll have almost eight month here with the exchange here. That means it’s almost certain that they’re going to kick me out of here next time, but for now, I’m content.

Bad news of the week: Magali, my miracle investigator who has her own testimony of everything will not be getting baptized. Or not with me, anyways. She’s off to live in a little town up the river, where the church has not yet reached. They’re going to have to send Sam and Joy to this mission and they can go in search of all of my almost-were investigators. While I’m quite saddened by this news of Magaly going off in a boat to live in a little pueblito, I’ve learned to bounce back from this a little bit faster. Before I was just sad but now I just have to not be. Who even has time to be sad? Yo no. (You should read that ‘yo’ with a Argentinean accent.)

Well, in other news, it rained yesterday. It rained really hard yesterday. Like buckets and buckets and buckets and rivers and streams and the streets kind of disappeared in tan rivers of dirty water. It was so cool.

A ver. What else happened? One of the elders in my ward changed and now one’s training a newbie from Utah and he gives me pain. Poor little thing. He’s just so constantly confused. He gives me flashbacks of a time that is better not remembered.

I officially have only, like, six and a half months left? But that’s trunky, and I’m not going to be talking about trunky things.

I’m glad everything’s going splendidly over there. Nathan? Dating? Yuck.

Bonus photos!


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