Conversion; Petty Big Sister Feelings; AesaLina

Dear Mother,

I was thinking all this week about my process in helping people be converted and baptized in the church. The easy part is getting them to the baptism. The hard part is getting them to the conversion. And is emotionally the hardest part for me. Because I feel like these people become a part of me. Emotionally draining things are really emotionally draining.

This week was a rather interesting rush of days I can’t really remember. I know there was a lot of sun. Oh! I cleaned out a fraction of all the garbage floating beneath a house. We return Wednesday to finish it off. I also constructed with my own two hands a doll out of hay and old fruit. You probably don’t believe me, but I’m trying to send photos to back me up. Hopefully they load, but if they don’t . . . well, you should still believe me.

Going back to things that were emotionally draining this week, I had to change pensionista—or, that is to say, the person who gives us food. While this shouldn’t be particularly traumatizing, I’m here to say that it was. Because Hermana Magaly is quite poor, and needs desperately the extra help. And some mission rules changed, and now we can eat there anymore. We had to tell her this the same day that she found out she has some sort of stones in her gall bladder. So. That was a pretty tough blow. Felt like an utterly wretched person, by the way.

Oh, jump on it. It gives me nostalgic, big sister feelings. Tell Nathan I’m taking Sam and Joy to Jump on It when I get back, but we’ll be excluding him for his utter and complete lack of letter writing. Petty, big sister feelings. Tell him he has six months to shape up. Or else.

Joy always mentions about going on a mission. She’ll get sent to some poor, poor part of China—in my head, China’s open in 6 years—and never forget to appreciate what she has again. Just tell her the story of Magaly, the sick single mom with six kids and no good work.

Well, that’s about it on the Peruvian World Update.

Until next week.

Hna. Compton

mel mission

 (To AesaLina)


hey you

i was thinking about you all this week

and all your tyrants

and your pregnantness.

note: not using spell check
i apologise.

but I just want you to know that I think you’re fantastic

and I wish i could sit on your couch and crochet for a day
or two


and that you’re loved by me
say hello to the littles
and that one brother that i have
i forget his name
and your dogs

secret: i actually miss your dogs a ton sometimes
i probably think about them on a regular basis
than 75 % of the people back home

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