Delicious hearts of cow; grammar’s going to be the death of me

rain cow heartsmelodywithkids

Dear Mom,

This week was good. I believe. Everything goes by pretty quickly. I sort of forget to remember important things during the week. I should feel worse about that than I do, so I’m here to send photos to help ease the pain. Not a ton, mind you. But some.

All goes well with the new companion. She’s pretty chill, which makes me happy, because I’m pretty chill. She’s from the coast of Peru, and doesn’t like the fish here because it’s river fish and not ocean fish.

So we’ve been preparing the Magali for baptism, the young single mother with a handful of children, only now there are problems because the catholic school which the kids attend now say that if they’re baptized, they’re going to stop giving them lunch in school, and sometimes this the only meal of the day for these kids. So. . . it’s all been a bit complicated.

Note: I’ve sent you all various photos sin captions, so I’ll give you a basic rundown of things happening.

We went to look at a river one day,

Ate hearts of cow (delicious, by the way) with my wonderful friend, Hna. Rojas, companera anterior.

Baptized a family

Mopped up water from said baptism

Ate aguaje, a rather interesting fruit-like thing

Got rained on

Wrapped my head in a dress to stave off the crippling heat

Good luck matching it all up.

I feel like I have more to tell you but I don’t think I actually do. . .sorry.

Until next week, family.

P.S. My District Leader called me today and later told me he was confused because he thought he was talking with Hna. Ruiz. He says my Spanish has improved, which I think is false. I can just fake a good accent, but my grammar’s going to be the death of me.

P.S.S. What I would do to eat not-previously frozen, shipped fruit. Plums. Raspberries. Que glorious.

Casi olvidé a decirte–recibí mi package. Chutas, don’t know how to spell that in Spanish. But I recieved it about, oh, two weeks ago. Thank you very much. Started taking the parasite pills and my hunger levels suspiciously evaporated. . .


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