Insecurities; Training

Dear Family,

Today we have transfers—well, better said, tomorrow we have transfers.
Today we find out about transfers. And I now know that they’re sending
off Hermana Ponton, my most loyal friend–and occasional enemy–of
Peru. She’s going to Pucallpa and I’m being given the lovely
opportunity to train a new missionary.


I’m so full of my insecurities right now.

What if I get her killed? What if she doesn’t like me? What if I can’t
understand anything that’s going on and I botch everything up? Don’t
they know I’m prone to making questionable choices? For example, I
have a sweater on right this momento! Questionable! I’m sweating so
profusely right now!

But we all know I’m really good at supressing panic attacks, so worry not.

This week was a little bit of a blur. Well. This month has been a blur
really, so I don’t really know what it is I should tell you about.
Spanish has been a bit shaky this week. I hit little planks of
spanish progress, and I think I’m in one right now. The weather has
been overcast and sunny at the same time. This is the worst because
there’s blistering sun with high humidity. But it’s going to rain
later today, because this is the way of the selva.

(Note: There is no spell check in this computer. I’m so, so sorry,
everyone. Please don’t think badly of me.)

Why on earth did we never go to the Redwood forest when I was in the
state of California? I’m so jealous right now.

Love, Melody


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