Hma. Ruiz; gum in my hair; Hola Br. Blackmore

Aug 4, 2014

Dear Mom,

Life sounds blessedly tranquil over there in the US. How glorious that would be to relax outside with you and Keith pulling weeds. . . Promise to save me some for when I get back. I forget what it feels like to touch dirt without mild germ fear racing through me.

Well, how went my week? I started training Hermana Ruiz from Piura, a place of Peru that is beaches and fish and sun. She’s a good little soul.

Algo mas? Well, les quento. This week, a Wednesday night, I believe, I was in the house of a very loved family, teaching, content with my work, actively ignoring their little boy loudly calling my name next to me. He started playing with my hair, singing songs, and doing everything in his power to have my full attention, of which I did not give.

Finally, discouraged, he stopped playing with my hair and sat quiet.

At the end of the lesson, he gently tugged on my arm and whispered, ‘Hermana, I stuck my gum in your hair.’ With any other five year old Peruvian child, I would have shrugged it off as a joke, but with Ronni, this particular powerhouse of hyper active energy, I knew better. Low and behold, upon raking my hands through my hair, I encountered a medium sized piece of gum well-stuck in my hair.

The only option was to cut it out, and thus we did, right then and there.

I send photos to testify of this catastrophe.

Apart from hair cutting events, we’re preparing another family to be baptized this weekend. The eighth, we’re marrying them, and the ninth baptizing them. They’re a good sized family—the parents and the six kids. They’re a really humble family—economically and spiritually.

Miracle of the week. Well, of the month, really. We’ve been teaching a young mother of six children off and on for about three months now with little signs of progress seen. (She later admits that she only accepted us out of mild courtesy.) One Friday night we invited her to a family home evening that a member was holding, and she agreed to come. We watched the video of Joseph Smith and the Restoration with her, and she had the most confused look on her face about the whole thing.

And then she started going to church on her own, and accepting us with more grace, and, at the end, agreed to be baptized the 23 of August, because she felt something that night. She says that it’s true. She says she just felt it. True. It’s all true. She’s a bit scared, because her Mother nor her children aren’t all that happy about it, but she’s quite a strong little thing.

So that was my week. Started training. Another miracle. Cut a part of my hair. New companion.

Love you all.

Hna. Compton

PS. I see my Peruvian friends have officially found my facebook.

PSS. Had a group of new missionaries hit the field right? One of them came up to me and was like, ‘My dad reads your blog.’ That was embarrasing. Hola, Brother Blackmore. I know you’re out there.


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