Delusions; cousins who never write; Dengue scare

Dear Mother,

Happy Birthday, Grandpa! 82 years old!

I’m sure you all passed the 4th of July splendidly. I, however, sort of forgot it was a thing. Tell Sam that I love him. I will crush him with love when I get back. He cannot go down any shady, unlit roads. Please do family home evening. Talk about the Apostasy of the Church and why modern day prophets are important. That’s my favorite part to talk about.

I’ve almost completed the first half of my mission. Nine months ago I was pretty sure I would be a Spanish speaking, all-knowing, spiritual power house at this point. But we all have delusions, I suppose. On the bright side, I have nine more months to work on said-delusion. But I’ve also gained weight, there are all sorts of trade offs here.

Nothing else of major importance has passed this week. So I’ll be completing nine whole months this Wednesday—yes, I have days marked—living in Peru. We hope to baptize a family this weekend, but they’re still on the rocks. Hermana Blanca, bless her soul, is lodging major doubts about tithing. My companion was struck suddenly with The Flu this week. I say The Flu because The Flu is quite dramatic down here. If there are sniffles, the entirety of the ward and mission are ever so concerned. Hospitals and five thousand pills are always involved.

I never did tell you about the dengue scare, did I? Well, I threw up once and Hermana Ponton was like, ‘You are clearly dying. To the hospital!’ After various tests, they sent me home with a bag full of pills and a diagnosis of a urinary infection. I ignored said pills, and slept for half a day, and all was well again. Why we’re so dramatic down here, I don’t really know.

Also, Mother, we have transfers in three weeks. The time is flllllyyyyying. I wake up and run about and then I’m sleeping again, and then two weeks and five weeks and nine months have passed by. What?

Joy tells me that Nathan remains in his moody, broody moments, and that he has a girlfriend. And that Sam only likes video games. And that she likes to read her scriptures. You, Marissa, and Joy are my most loyal pen pals. Jennifer’s in fourth place.
By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask—how’s Peter? Mission papers? And Alicia? And Nola? And all the other cousins that don’t write me? And Richard and AesaLina? And Taylor and Caroline? And Spencer? And Alden and Sinda? Why don’t these people that I love a ton write me? Don’t they know that frequency of letter writing is directly translated into trinkets I bring home for them? This is a love with various conditions. I also realize that I sometimes don’t respond when these people do write me, but, well, that’s how things are sometimes, here in Sketchy Internet Hubs.
Well, anyways.
Love you all a ton.
Until next Monday.
Hermana Compton