Cold weather in Iquitos; send vitamins

Dear Mom,
This week has been interesting. We married Cesar and Blanca this
friday, our witty family. They’re doing much better. They sit by each
other in church now, so they’re on their way. They’re also super
excited about their baptism. I also love them a ton.

Oh, almost forgot. Also found our amazing mother of four boys binge
drinking—remember how I told you about that last week? We were like,
‘It’s okay. We’re going to smother her in love and other things, and
it’s going to be okay. We’re not going to panic.’ But she avoids us
like the devil now, and we’ve only found the house with one or two of
the little boys wandering about. Which breaks my heart. I may have
cried. All. Night. Long. Sometimes loving people is tough, Mom.

I had to teach the gospel principles class this Sunday. I sort of
speak Spanish, you know, but then they put me up in front of a bunch
of people who have really limited understanding of the gospel, and my
mouth goes dry and I forget both english and spanish, and everyone’s
staring at me, the silence overpowering, and I’m like. ‘The ayuno. You
should all ayunar. Because it’s good. Amen.’

I was also thinking about other things this week, like higher laws
and lower laws and mosaic laws and about how much I don’t understand
about the gospel. Like, where is Kolob? Abraham is a big mess of

Well, Mom, I don’t think you’ll get the chance to read this. My
internet is terrible, and I haven’t even opened a full web page. That
makes me a lot sadder than I thought it would. What if I don’t get to
write you? Or read about your monotonous week?

Guess what? Iquitos got cold. Well, cold is 85 with rain. But I was
cold. Terribly, terribly cold. I’m scared to even thing about what’s
going to happen when I come home. I don’t know what kind of shock my
body’s going to go into. A bit worried about that. Right now I have on
your blue jacket that I stole the morning I left home. That’s how cold
I am.

How’s living in the new house? Have you sent my package yet? If not,
maybe send vitamins of some sort? Peruvian nutrition standards are
pretty sketch. Potatoes and rice cannot have high nutritional value.

Love you tons,

Hasta next week


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