Loan shark; witty, snarkiness; Hope for Humanity

Dear mom,

This week has been good. We have two families that are progressing well, and who’re amazing. The work is well. We send our laundry to a lady in the ward who washes and folds it. The food we have to buy, but we usually buy it in the Center, because it’s the only place where there’s decent fruit for sale. I’m feeling really lazy today, so I’m going to copy and paste part of a letter I sent to Marissa that talks a bit about an Hermana in the ward and one of our new families.

Okay, here it is.

Speaking of real life experiences that could totally be in a movie, I’ve been meaning to tell you about Mama Betty. Mama Betty is a sister in the ward who is our unofficial caretaker. She periodically invites us over to eat real, live cheese, which would be pretty cool in the USA, but here it’s three times as cool. But what’s coolest about Mama Betty is that she’s a slightly overweight, well kempt, middle aged woman who is a personal loan shark. Well, maybe not a loan shark, but when we went go out to proselyte with her at night, she always had to leave at seven o’clock sharp, and walk off into the night. And it turns out she gives out loans to people. And picks people up in the night in motokars to remind them about their debts and drops them off at street corners. She may be one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

I’ve also met the wittiest Peruvians ever. Wit doesn’t seem to be very high on the priority list down here in the Amazon, but I’ve found them. They’re this really fantastic couple that we’re going to marry in July. She’s whip sharp, this woman. Hermana Blanka. She’s hilarious, and we met her through Mama Betty. Hermana Blanka sells fish on a table outside her house to pay off her debts, and Hermano Cesar is a motokar driver. They bicker all the time, but they bicker about the silliest things, and then they actually start to get mad, and my companion and I are dying of laughter on their couch, and at the end of everything, they’re like, ‘Well. We have to leave now. We’re going to go on a ride around the park and eat ice cream. Chao.’  

They’re like this big haze of insta-love. I just adore them. So much. They’re so snarky.

But I adore you lots, Mom, and I’m glad that you’re taking Sam with you for all the good stuff. He makes a loyal little friend, no? Tell Richard and AesaLina hi from me. And tell Keith Happy Father’s Day. I sort of forgot that that was a thing, if we’re being honest.

Also. Scripture of the week DyC 50: 40-42. It helps me when I’m low on my Hope for Humanity juices.

Hasta Lunas,

p.s. Tenemos cambios hoy. Escribiré a decirles si me voy o si me quedo. 


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