Gato & Leon; Fishing in the Amazon; Thanks, Grandpa!

Dear Mother,

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—I’m so spoiled. But tell Grandpa thanks for the clothing donation. I’ll try and put it to good use.

The missionary work continues. We’ve had a new change recently in the mission that people need to attend church three times before they can be baptized. Before it was twice, so now it’s a month long preparation for people. We have monthly goals for how many people we’ll baptize, and so it’s been a bit rougher lining people up to attend church and then be baptized within this month. Let’s just says it’s only the ninth of June and we already know we won’t be baptizing any new people.

That said, we did have a baptism this Saturday. An adorable little lady named Elisa, and I swear she’s just an aged, Peruvian version of AesaLina. With 12 children. And goodness, how I love her. If everyone had the heart of this lady. . . well, it would be a really good thing. She’s an amor. She’s more punctual than we are Sunday mornings, and showed up for her baptism at four o’clock in the afternoon when it actually started at seven. She’s such a sweet heart.

As for contacting and teaching people, people here don’t really close their doors, and because it’s so blistering, humidly hot everyone just sits outside on their dirt porch fanning themselves. We mostly walk by and start talking to them. I was thinking yesterday how this is so not like me, to just walk up and be like, ‘Hey, can I talk to you for a minute about the gospel of Jesus Christ?’ This is not like me, but it’s now quite normal. I actually did knock on doors once. Well, one door. It ended pretty awkwardly, so now I just stick to people who are outside their houses.   

We have a new elder in our ward whose name is Elder Gato. His companion is Elder Leon. Elder Cat and Elder Lion. You have no idea how much they are mocked, but they play it up. Anyways, Elder Gato was in my first zone, and knew me when I arrive in Iquitos, and he was like, ‘Do you still speak English? Wait, do you even remember English?’ And I thought about it and I was like, ‘No. No, I do not.’ So I’ve officially forgotten English, more or less. I think this is a good thing.

That is a picture of me carrying my companion’s laundry up the three flights of stairs in our apartment. It was about as painful as it may look.  Why I had her laundry and she was taking photos, I don’t really remember.

This week there’s a photo of a river. I can now say I went fishing in the Amazon River. Well, it wasn’t actually the Amazon River, and I didn’t actually catch anything, but I have a photo, so I say it counts. Not that the photo does it justice. What you can’t see are the floating hut houses where people live or the sky here that stretches and stretches on and on and on . . . it’s ridiculously beautiful here, by the way.  

I’m sorry I’m not there to help you pack everything up. But you and I know that I probably wouldn’t be that much of use anyways. Please attempt to keep my things mine, and not gradually siphoned off into the hands of Nathan, Sam, and Joy. I know how this younger sibling thing works. I’ve been there.  

Please keep walking 45 minutes a day. I’ll feel a bit better when I’ve been walking for three in the afternoon till nine at night. I always feel a bit happier when I’m not suffering alone.

But seriously, tell Grandpa thanks and that he’s so appreciated. I feel ridiculously blessed in that everything’s put nicely in my hands whenever I lack. I’ll go buy a skirt in honor of Grandpa, yeah?

Love you all,

Hna. Compton

P.S. Today I complete eight months out of the house. Whoot!



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