A castle

Dear Mom,

Richard’s buying a castle. They told you it was a house, but that is a castle. Like, a castle.Tell them felizidades.

I hope Keith’s feeling better. Tell him to take a day off. He’s going to only get worse if he doesn’t take it easy.

Various things happened this week. Elder Argentina went home this week with almost nine months in the mission. It was a very strange and painful process to watch a happy Elder turn into a withdrawn teenager. I remembered quite clearly that the majority of us are all quite young the other day. I don’t know how, but sometimes I forget that.

I’m pretty bummed to be missing Sam’s birthday. Tell him hi, and that I miss him, and hope that he has a great birthday tomorrow. Joy says you guys went to classic skating the other day. I got her letter. Her handwriting is officially better than mine now.

If I’ve spent what might look like an inordinate amount of money this week, it’s because, well, I needed things. Like shampoo, and fried rice, and other things I didn’t actually, actually need. But I’ll also be buying clothes within this month, I believe, because my clothes are now officially dying. I’ve been keeping some things put together with my little

sewing kit that you and I bought that day in Wal-Mart, Ma, but I think the time has come to splurge a little.  

(But seriously, a CASTLE!)

The work is going. We have a baptism of an adorable lady that has twelve kids. She refers to them as her 12 disciples. I love her so much. She’s named Elisa.

They’re officially taken out almost all the puentes, and a muddy wake is left in its path. It stinks horribly.

We have transfers the 16 of June. June. How is it already June? How did that happen, exactly? I don’t understand how it’s June. But yeah, we have transfers the 16 of June, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent me out of the city of Iquitos to one of the smaller cities. We’ll see.

Love, Melody




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