lost debit card; rain; homesick


This week was a blur. A hectic, rainy blur. But that’s about every week, minus the rain. I felt a bit homesick this week. I don’t usually. But I missed you all very much. I’m quite excited be able to talk to you guys in two weeks.

The tragic news first, I suppose. I have officially misplaced my debit card permanently. I’m pretty sure I know the exact moment that I lost my card. About three weeks ago, the Elders in our Ward had three wedding receptions in the chapel. So Hna. Ponton and I helped. A lot. And at the end of the time, it was late, and we needed to be in our houses.

But low and behold, in our moment of need, there was no motokar to be found. Not one. So we started speed walking. Very, very quickly. But three blocks from the chapel, I realized I had the keys to the church in a death grip. I felt somewhat betrayed by my left hand, but I stopped everyone and Elder Erasmo, an Elder from Argentina, looked at me with horror, grabbed the keys from my hands, and bolted for the church. So we followed, running and dying and thinking about the hour—far past the hour that we were supposed to be in our houses. And it was in that moment that my card fell from my pocket, never to be seen again.

So. Um. That’s the story of how I lost my debit card one Friday night in Peru. Can you send me a new one?

Also, I’m learning patience with this companion. We get along well for about 70 % of the time. The other 30 % of the time is spent trying not to kill one another. But she usually simmers down after a while, and really is quite a good person. Most of the time.

I’ve felt pretty blessed in the area, in that we run into families really often. But the water keeps rising, and there’s a new rule that only Elders can go for the Puentes, which limits so much of our area.

Hmmmm. Trying to think of other things that have happened this week. I know I always say this, but the time is passing by so fast and it just keeps getting faster and faster. I have changes aproxima semana, and that really just is. . . I don’t know. How is time passing by this quickly? Is it passing by the same over there? Do you guys feel this time warp going on or is it just on my side?

But anyways, I love you all. Call Claudya and tell her that her Aunty Bowdie loves her, and that I send love and hugs and other good things.

Love, Hermana Compton


The photos are great. Everyone’s grown. I was quite shocked with I saw the photos. Everyone’s growing without me! Tell them to stop it. No more growing. This week I’m lazy, and I’m going to copy and paste some little mini letters that I wrote to you during this week.


Dear Mom,


This week has been a bit rough. Let’s just say that I’m learning the command form of the Spanish language with this companion. 


Love, Melody



Dear Mom,


I think I caught the amazonic flu. It’s like the regular flu, but it sounds cooler. 


Love, Melody



Dear Mom, 


I dreamt I was home last night. I cried a little bit in the dream, but mostly I went around translating everything into Spanish. 


Love, Melody



Dear Mom, 


This week my companion and I baptized a family. I love them greatly.


Love, Melody



Dear Mom,


This week I ate fried rice three times in a row. Note: It is entirely possible that I will return a mammoth. 


Love, Melody



Dear Mom,


This week I made Friends with a pig. His name is Porky, and he slept under my chair.


Love, Melody


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