Punchana, Loreto, Peru; rickety bridges no me importa


Firstly, Richard and AesaLina are pregnant? What?! I know I’m deep in the Peruvian outback, but I would like to know at least pregnancy updates. This means there will be a wee babe who will live five months without the love of Aunt Bowdie. Also, do Ashley and Tyler live in Utah now?

I’m in Zona Punchana, ward Clavero. This ward is fantastic. The people are good. They’re really, really good.Image

Right now we’re teaching a family set to be baptized this Saturday. A woman, Sarina, widowed, with four young boys, whom I utterly, completely adore. I love them very, very much. We’re also teaching a family that wants to be baptized and married, but they have a sharp little eleven year-old that’s very, very Aventista. And she likes to ask the most ridiculous questions, and has a bible that’s been. . . edited. Terrible, la peqeñita.Image

The Abajo is about six or seven blocks away. Usually, we take a motorcar, if we’re running late, which is almost always, and we walk if we’ve had previous appointments closer. It’s slowly, slowly filling up with water. You can walk on dry land in the early morning and return late afternoon and it’s water-logged. Las puentas are going up fast. At first I was terrified of the rickety bridges, but now I’m like, ‘Nope. I’ve got appointments to make and people to bring to the church. No me importe.’ImageImage

I go to church in a chapel? Indipendencia con panama, if you’d like to google that. It’s a lot nicer than the church in Las Castañas. I don’t do my own laundry here. We send it down to a lady who hand washes them and sends it back nicely folded. Clean laundry will always be glorious, I believe. We now have a. . . I don’t actually know what the word is in English. Que es? Pensionista? But we only have breakfast in her house, and lunch in the house of members, and Dinner is on our own, but is normally something quick. Like a bread with some ham. Something questionable in your eyes, I’m sure.

I realize that last week was Alden’s birthday. Please tell him happy birthday from me. I was thinking about him all this week, and how awesome he’s been, and that I’m quite glad that we got to be siblings. And I ALSO remember that this week is Victoria’s birthday, and tell her happy birthday as well, please.

The Elders in our ward married three couples this Friday, and baptized the three couples and their children Saturday, equating 10 baptisms. That’s really crazy. So, all this week was running around frantically trying to help them, in hopes that everything didn’t crash and burn. 


I miss the littles a lot. If you could please buy some sort of camera and send me photos, that would be wonderful. I officially completed six months, and everyone’s changing without me. I’ll send photos if you guys send photos. Deal?

Love you all!


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