El Abajo es Bakan; Big snakes not so much

Please continue Aurora Shenanigans. And photos. You really must buy a camera, Mother. It’s not fair that I don’t get any photos.

This week was a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions and new experiences. I’ve now changed my area, my zone, and my companion. This is a little bit sad, very new, and somewhat like starting the mission over again. The ward is fantastic. I thought my ward in Las Castanas was pretty cool, but now I have a measure of judgment. Let’s just say that Clavero is bakan, como dicen aca. (Bakan doesn’t have a translation in English. Its like. . . the best?)

This area is a lot poorer than my previous area. There’s a quarter that’s normal city houses but the other part is the river. It’s called The Abajo. The Below. For half the year it’s dirty sand and for the other half, dirty water. But that’s where we teach most of the time, where we have families and people progressing. And now the water’s rising, and the people are putting up planks that connect the houses together. Before I didn’t really feel like I was on an island, but now I feel it.

Yesterday we went to visit a Less Active, and when we went Abajo in the morning, there was no water, but at around 7 o’clock, the water was creeping into the streets. So we went by planks. While we were talking to the family, a huge rat ran across their back porch. I’ve seen rats the likes of which you can’t even imagine, mother. They eat toes. (Only if you leave rice between said toes, if I heard that story correctly.) But I maintained my cool. I didn’t scream or anything. And then when we were leaving, the family said, ‘Oh, yeah. Watch out for the snakes. They come inland when the water rises.” And I was like, “No. I choose to believe that you’re lying.”

But then like an hour later, walking down the street, all the kids near us started screaming and pointing and my companion starting yelling, “Hermana! Hermana! Hermana!”

Weeeelllll, huge, colorful, amazonic snake between my feet. I then lost all my cool and my companion and I fled while the children played with said big, angry snake.  

So. The snake thing was true, I suppose. But I live, as of yet, and continue to work. Hernana Pontón, my new companion, works differently than Hermana Rojas, so we’re figuring out how to adjust. There’s always adjustment time when we have new companions.

I hope all goes well with the whole house thing, with the kids, with Aurora. And I adore you all very, very much. Hasta la lunas que viene! 


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