Afraid of the rain? Alligator for breakfast

Jennifer! One of my top five favorite cousins!

I’ll have you know that I did walk on that bridge. Twice. And I’ll also have you know that I ate Alligator the other day. It was really tough, but also really delicious. Possibly from that very river.

Congrats on the bebe. Another intelligently sarcastic child added to the group.

I live in a constant state of sweatary. I don’t think that’s a word, but it should be. I sweat when I sleep. I sweat when I shower. I sweat when I eat. It’s gross. But we also had three days this week where it rained and I think it dropped below 70 and I was like, ‘No! I take it back! I don’t like this madness!’ So I think all my whining is a bunch of fluff. I’m also beginning to suspect that the Iquitanian paranoia of rain is rubbing off on me. When it rains here, everyone sits in their house, afraid to go anywhere. You’d think a people living in the rainforest would be a little more pro-rain, but they all seem to be pretty freaked out about it. Or maybe that’s just because seemingly EVERY Sunday it rains, and all the investigators are suddenly stricken with this mysterious rain-panic. . . Hmmmm.

I’m to change areas tomorrow morning. I’m afraid. I’ll admit it. I’m like a panicky newb starting all over again. Like ten miles down the road from my current area, but panicky all the same. Pray for me, Jennifer. Pray.

I adore you a ton. And I seriously hope that one day we live within a state’s radius of one another. One day. ..


Hey! Happy Birthday! I’m so jealous of your pineapple upside down cake. I’m so, so jealous. If only you could send cakes internationally. . . 

I’m changing wards today. And I feel a little sad. I’m going to spend all day today saying goodbye to all my families, all the people I love, and this area that I’ve had for roughly five month. I don’t want to change, but I’ll be fine.

I’m sorry the house fell through. Maybe you’re supposed to stay in that house for a bit longer. To finish this school year with the kids. Are Richard and AesaLina moving then? They talk about it a lot.

This week I went to Lima! I almost forgot. A mass of us gringos flew in for a little over a day to finish up immigration documents, and we walked around the temple, slept in a nice hotel, and had a hot shower. It was really weird. And Lima, which I previously thought was the grittiest, grungy, dirtiest place ever, looked like slick city life after five months in the jungle. And the people of Lima are sarcastic, and talk fast, and don’t believe me when I tell them I had Alligator for breakfast—which I did. But we went to the temple and ran into my CCM teachers. It was really weird. It was like I’d never left. I can’t believe I’m going to complete six months. That’s. . .really weird. Reaaaaly weird.

I think I’ll be a bit sad this week. I can feel it. I’m going to spend today mourning my companion, my families, my house, my area. And then I’ll be fine. Once we start working, it’s this haze of fast walking and faces and lessons. There’s not really time to be sad once we start.

I hear people are getting married, and people are having babies, and people are preparing to have babies. Life continues without me? That doesn’t make sense.

I love you all! Say hi to Sam and to Nathan and to Joy and to Keith, and to whoever else you run into.


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