Weedwacking in the Peruvian jungle



Oh, Mother. I think I’ve had a fantastic, wonderful, stupendous week. To make up for all the weeks that definitely weren’t all of those things. Where do I even start? 

Well, firstly, Wednesday morning we had service en the Zone. What kind of service? Cultivating. I don’t even know how to translate this into English, because I don’t think we have the equivalent anymore, but if I had to be a word to it, I’d say we went weed whacking.  With machetes. In the middle of a mini-forest. With a river and all. It was fabulous. I quite loved it. And while I happily chopped away, I couldn’t help but think that Alden would have equally loved it. Weed whacking in the Peruvian jungle is totally something Alden and I would do together for fun. 

It was really fun, but also really hard, and my right hand is still recovering from blisters, and the entirety of my body was sore for two days after, and I sweated through my close within the first five and a half minutes. But I loved it.

I have photos. But I don’t have an adapter. I’ll perhaps buy one today and upload the photos next week. 

The second thing about this week that was wonderful was that we had the opportunity to have a two day seminar with Elder C. Scott Grow and his darling wife. This was amazing. This was so, so wonderful. He spoke against many of the things that I find quite unappealing about the mission—how the people often get crunched into numbers, and how we’re thus led into this trap of trying to twist the people into agreeing with us instead of inviting them to discover the truth. I do not like this, this crunching of people. Neither does Elder Grow. I feel significantly more at ease with many of the things I didn’t understand or comprehend about the mission now. 

Thirdly, we had four youth in our ward receive their calls this week. Four. That puts this ward at six youth who have their calls and are waiting to leave on the mission in the next five months or so. We have a few families in the ward who have almost-officially adopted us. But there’s two families that we absolutely love. We adore them. They adore us. It’s a mutual thing. And their daughter’s going to serve in the Bolivia, Santa Cruz mission, and I literally feel like. . . I don’t know. Like my child’s going on a mission. Or like my sister’s going on a mission. Her name is Nadeth. 

So a wonderful week it has been. I’ve officially completed five months, and in two months, I’ll be able to call home for Mother’s day. I’m certainly not counting the days. (More or less, 62 days, in case you were wondering.)

I hope all goes well with the house. I’m actually a little nostalgic about this house, but I think all’ll work out, eventually.

 I believe I’m in the same boat as Richard. 90 percent of the time I feel fine with Dad, but 10 percent of the time, I do feel a wall of resentment, or perhaps a bitter second-hand shame for what he did. I think I’ll take us a while, but I can say that it’s better now than it was a year or two years ago. 

I must go now, but I love you all, and I miss you all.


 P.S. To answer your question–How’s Iquitos?–One day it was blistering hot. And the next it was downright almost cold. And today it’s cloudy. 


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