disastrous 3 1/2 minutes; lost keys; changes

Dear Mother,

This week was wonderful. Well. I know that it was not bad. So that’s wonderful. We found two families that are really promising, are already married, and attended church and I told a joke in Spanish that people understood.

The language is skipping along. My grammar is horrific, and I tried studying it the other day and that was a disastrous three and a half minutes, but I can speak and people comprehend. I prefer learning by listening now, and don’t do well with books at all. One of the things I’ve noticed while out here is that my memory is significantly better. I can remember names of people I met only once two months ago, and words and streets stick a lot faster. I think this is a byproduct of learning a new language. I still lose keys. Oh, I still lose the keys. Let’s just say our landlord and I were fast friends. He’s a drunkard, but we’re friends.

I had a lesson Saturday night that was profoundly wonderful. Teaching used to be so hard, and it still is, but it’s getting easier. By easier, I mean that I don’t dread it now. I can speak better, and therefore I can feel the spirit better, and now I feel I have the potential to actually help people. And that’s why I’m out here.

We have. . . I can’t remember what they’re called in English. Changes? Tenemos cambios hoy dia. Today. I have three months in my Ward, and it’s not exactly a sparkling, amazing Ward, but I adore the people, and I honestly don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave. I don’t, I don’t. So I probably will.

And I’ve honestly learned to adore my companion, Hna. Rojas. We had days where we were utterly annoyed with one another the first couple weeks, but we got really good at talking about why we were utterly annoyed, and this didn’t necessarily make it all better, but communication. That helps. And now we’re changing! No! I don’t want it !

Listen, I love you a ton, still haven’t received my card, I still want my patriarchal (however you spell that) blessing, and all this week was spent with an unfortunately snotty cold.

I still have days where I pause and I’m like, ‘I’m talking in Spanish. I’m thinking in Spanish. This is crazy. This is illogical. How? Don’t I speak English?’ but I actually cannot—cannot, cannot—look at a Latino and speak English. Heck, I can barely look at another North American and speak English. This is a good sign. I think.

I’m not missing the dreary rain and fog. That sounds horrific. No, gracias. I’ll keep my suffocating humidity and sweating 24 hours of the day, thanks.

Also, received the card from Alden and Sinda. It’s gorgeous. I went around and showed to it EVERYONE, and I was like. ‘Sé que esta familia no es su familia, pero no importe. Míralo! Míralo!’

Hasta aproximo semana, familia,


P.S. I finished 4 months yesterday! Woo! 14 more to go!


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