heat flash; unholy amounts of rice; I speak Spanish now!

Dear Mother,

This week we taught many. Mostly children. This is how you know we’re beginners, my companion and I. We teach a ton of children, but have a suspicious lack of families. We really need more families. (Pray we find families, yeah?)

Spanish is coming along so much better these days. In fact, it’s really quite difficult to type in English right now. I have to think of the sentence in Spanish, pause for a second, and type in English. I was walking down the street a couple of nights back, and I started talking in English. My companion doesn’t really speak English, but I just wanted to try it, you know? It felt really weird. All the unfamiliar sounds that they don’t have in Spanish felt quite strange and sharp. Three months without really speaking a language doesn’t really do much for grammar structure.      

This week we had a heat flash. I’d like you to think about what a heat flash might feel like in the heart of the Peruvian jungle. It feels like—well, it feels like a heat flash in the heart of the Peruvian jungle. I don’t think words are really going to do this justice. Also let it be known that our water went out for more than twenty-four hours this week. We still had some drinking water, but mostly this meant that we couldn’t shower until late last night, when the water finally kicked back on. Which really meant that we smelled something awful for Church yesterday.

I’ve eaten surprisingly mellow this week. They feed us an unholy amount of rice, and at first I ate everything in fear of offending. Now I’m like, ‘No, thanks. I’m full.’ I eat as much as I feel like I can without vomiting, and then I start rejecting.

I’m sending photos to compensate for my lackluster writing. You guys are missing a ton, but there’s no way I can accurately describe all of Iquitos in twenty five minutes of writing, which is quite sad. Sometimes, Mom, I could do with a call home. There should be a weekly call home.

But I can say that with the progress in the language, I can teach better, and I can feel the Spirit stronger, and I can honestly say that I’m learning so, so much, and that everything’s a little bit easier every week.

I love you all, and hope all the kids adjust well to a new house.

Hna. ComptonImageImage


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