Well, I lost my bag rather eventfully. It’s by far the most exciting way I’ve ever lost something. Okay, let’s be honest, none of you are even a wit surprised that Melody lost something as important as her bag, which is possibly her life source. But let me clarify. It was stolen. Right from my shoulder. I shouldn’t feel happy about this by any means, but let it be known that the first important thing I lost in Peru was not of my accord or in any way my fault.

But yeah, someone popped the bag from my shoulder, a mini tug of war ensued, I lost, the kid ran off. Well. Kid. He was probably about our age. And I actually only had about half of what I usually have in my bag, so he got my good pair of scriptures—but I have an extra pair—a ton of pamphlets, my debit card, my license, and my companion’s Bible, which is usually with me. Later, after I’d gained about my senses and decided that this robbery was going to make a good story someday, I informed my companion that he’ll almost certainly be ready for baptism in two weeks or so, what with all the scriptures and pamphlets he has now.

I haven’t gotten my package yet, but I think it usually takes about two to three weeks. So it’ll probably show up in a week or so.

The churches here are definitely different. They’re still buildings, and all of the buildings are a pattern, but just not the Utah pattern. First off, there’s always a large gate around the buildings, and finding keys for interviews and baptisms is a pain. A ’many appointments we’ve missed running back and for across town trying to get a key that can unlock the gates. Remember how I lamented about the lack of hallways in Hawai’i. Peru seems to have this problem as well. The room for sacrament meeting is just one building with fans and benches and a podium. I believe we have a piano, but no one’s ever touched it, and I’ve been meaning to point out that I play a little, but it keeps, um, slipping my mind. Funny how that works.

The building for the classrooms is connected to the sacrament building by a bit of roof, and the relief society and classrooms and bishops office is all in one hallway. I don’t think they really have a gym. There’s a patio thing out in some grass? I think that’s the gym.

And there’s a good amount of people that regularly show up, but we actually have two areas in one building, so I think originally the numbers weren’t so great. Or at least weren’t good enough to have two wards.

 I adore you all a lot, and I cannot really believe that I’ve got over a month in Iquitos, and that would make almost three months out of the house. And that’s pretty crazy.
Talk to you on Miércoles.
Love, Hermana Compton
P.S. I could go with a mom hug right now. Virtual hugs should be a thing. Why aren’t virtual hugs a thing? Where’s my 21 century technology?

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