In the rain forest; spoiled cow


 Things happened this week. I can’t really remember what happened, but things. Turns out they don’t have salt out here in the jungle. They have what’s called Pure Manzana. Which is, if you can read that, exactly what it says–apple pure. I don’t know how that works, but it looks a lot like salt, and tastes sort of like salt, but I don’t know how that works for fungi feet. So basically, I think I soaked my feet in apple this week.

They don’t really have a lot of things out here. Like real cheese, or milk, or loaves of bread, or anything that can’t survive the shipping. I have found cucumbers and tomatoes, and they make this delicious cucumber and tomato salad here where they basically soak them in lemon and sprinkle ‘apple’ over it. It’s there version of a salad, I think.

Oh! Which reminds me! First case of food poisoning! Last Monday, after I wrote you all, the district went out and ate together. Hamburgers. Don’t trust the hamburgers. Anyways, I knew five minutes after I ate the burger that I’d be sick, and at around nine PM I threw up twice, slept in a bit, and was perfectly fine the next day. It was pretty mild, as far as eating spoiled cow goes.

The Spanish is a bit better. I can understand more literally every day. Speaking is a litttttle bit different. A lot harder. Not to mention teaching. But, good news, I’ve gotten over the whole ‘this is really difficult’ fit. Now it’s more of a, ‘just open your mouth and make a fool of yourself until you’re not a fool.’

We had another baptism this week. That’s two in two weeks, which I think is really cool, but also really just luck. I came when there was a bunch of baptisms already lined up for us.

Anyway, I love you a lots, and I’m actually okay without the cold. I think I’d rather hike in the heat than hike in the cold.


Love, Hermana Compton


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