Nov 1, 2013

Did you get any pictures? Did you get Marissa her birthday gifts? I doubt either. Also, why on earth is my bank account so low? I don’t feel like I’ve used that much. Also feeling a little paranoid.
Also, seriously, is the government back up? That’d be really cool.
Hey, remember how I didn’t write yesterday? It was a crazy, crazy day. Immigration and pdays really don’t mix all that well.
I don’t have my journal with me, so I literally have no idea what’s transpired between the last letter and now.
EXCEPT! Okay, children. Story time.
A kid went home the other day, a five or six-weeker, I think. What to know why? Okay, so, one of our Elders walked into the boys bathroom and found ‘spaghetti’ on the floor. Orrr tapeworm. Tape. Worm. Maomasdf lkjsfd. Please, I have the tapeworm drink stuff, but I forgot my two pill bottles I was going to take. If at ALL possible, start packing that and more parasite cleansing goods into a box and ship it to me, like, in two weeks. If you want me back alive and somewhat parasite free. It’s up to you, mother.
Anyways, since I honestly cannot remember what happened in the last seven to eight days, I’ll tell you things you already know. Firstly, I’m a terrible memorizer. Terrible, terrible. Other kids sit down and memorize thirty words in an hour and a half. I work on thirty words for roughly four to five days. It’s terrible, but I’m progressing. Really, really slowly. But I love speaking with the Latinos, even if I only have about five solid minutes of conversation fodder.
I have an Argentinan (I have NO idea how that one’s spelled. Sorry.) roommate. It’s equally horrific as it is hilarious. See, the thing about Argentinan Spanish is that it’s really hard to understand. They don’t say any of the words they’re trying to say. They get out half the proper syllables and move on to the next words. You think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. They say it’s ‘die medi´for ten thirty. But the thing is is that they tend to be my favorite Latinos. They’re hilarious, and really friendly, and are amazing. Just unfortunately difficult to understand. It’s an acquired skill.
Anyways, I love you all, but I’m going to write Marissa now.
(Mother. Please just put it on a blog. Don’t make people read my spelling. They don’t deserve that.)
PS. Thanks for the twenty dollars.
PPS. Tell Sam some generic lie for me today. It’s been too long.

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